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Demystifying Finance: Finance for SCM Professionals - Karine Benzarcar

Date:   Mar 25, 2019 - Mar 26, 2019
Time:   8:00 AM
Location:   Saskatoon, Travelodge Regina
106 Circle Drive
Saskatoon, SK


Finance is a core pillar of knowledge for individuals in purchasing and supply chain management roles. Knowledge of finance and profitability enables employees to make better decisions on supply base capabilities and enhance their organization’s returns. In addition, financial acumen helps individuals improve the performance of their area, showcase their accomplishments in words senior management appreciates, and enhance their careers.


At the end of this workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Read and understand financial reports
  • Interpret the financial health of a supplier or another organization
  • Apply various financial terms to describe performance in supply chain activities
  • Evaluate how Executives may analyze financial information to assess performance
  • Identify the quantitative analysis behind many decisions
  • Communicate more effectively with the Finance department and key decision-makers
  • Use financial analysis to support decisions and obtain buy-in on key proposals
  • Participate in the budgeting/forecasting process more effectively

As a result of the above learning outcomes, participants should find that their financial knowledge provides them with additional insight which ultimately will increase their career growth and potential.

This workshop is highly interactive. Participants will learn through performing various exercises. It is highly recommended that participants bring a calculator with them to obtain maximum benefit.


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